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Short About Jtron Telecom

Telecom and Multimedia Systems for the corporate world are a necessity rather than a Luxury these days. Wireless is the Key Medium where time critical information is exchanged. Copper and Fiber backbones are an integral part of small and medium enterprises and a world of Electronics revolves around Board Rooms and Decision makers. We at Jtron have the hardware and software for a wide range of electronics systems for the professionals in the corporate world.

Audio Visual System

img_sm1Audio Visual Systems for Sales Centers, Shopping malls, boardroom and business presentations aided by Digital Displays. Sight and Sound has a dimensional change these days where Home Cinema is watched on an HD Plasma Display and Multi-Channel Digital Sound System and Public Venue and entertainment systems demand Megawatt Audio, Video-walls and Large format outdoor LED Screens.


Educational Electronics

Educational Electronics Educational Electronics, Electronic Labs and Simulation hardware has become part of student curriculum and Visual and Aural Devices are a necessity for students and educators to offer best to the young generation

KVM Switch System

KVM Switch System KVM - KVM systems has elevated to IP and fiber- remote keyboards are used for International command and control applications. KVM Remote and Video switching Systems

IP System

IP System IP is the keyword in Telecom - IP Video, IP Audio and IP control - you are always connected to an IP. GSM, GPRS, GmPRS devices are Boys-Toys where ENG - Electronic News Gathering keeps you ahead of competition.

In-Building Wireless

In-Building Wireless In-Building Wireless or DAS – Distributed Antenna Systems has become essential for reliable communication within work and play areas from Luxury Homes to office Complexes and Shopping Malls.

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